Even a year ago, top leader of the Noakhali district Awami League Ekramul Karim wasn't invited to this event. That is why Ekramul exchanged greetings with the leaders and activists at his own village home.

Many of his followers immediately posted Ekramul Kabir's statement to the party men on Facebook live. He had said, "The party symbol wasn't given at the union parishad election in Companiganj. But why was it given in Kabirhat? The single reason is that the people of Kabirhat are good. Unlike Companiganj, there is not Mirza (Abdul Quader Mirza) here. He fears his brother more than a tiger."

Referring to Quader Mirza's comment about Obaidul Quader's wife, Ekramul Karim said, "An elder brother's wife is like a mother. Demeaning remarks were made about that sister-in-law. Haven't people seen that? Is there no justice? I had just said, 'that (razakar) family's person' and I lost my general secretary post! How long can you keep me out? Wait. When people turn around, when their heads are hot, they don't bother anymore. People are gradually preparing to turn around."

Addressing the people of Kabirhat, Ekramul Karim Chowdhury said, "We want leadership for Kabirhat. Will we remain slaves of them (the Quader family) all our lives? The family has shaken up the entire Bangladesh. The prime minister has tied my hands. She sent me a message not to speak a word against them and so I will not."

Member of parliament Ekramul Karim went on to say, "Today Kabirhat Awami League is divided into three. If the leadership is not right, will the people of Kabirhat go to you? There is no use of just sitting in Dhaka as an MP. When the people of my constituency see me, they get strength, a strength that even benefits their families."

Ekramul Karim Chowdhury, who lost his post as district Awami League general secretary, further said, "I am Sheikh Hasina's worker. I will see whether the ones who want to remove me, will remain in position themselves by December. It is never good to overdo things. You are interim, 'acting' in your post. Some people call up to tell me not even 1,000 people turned up. If only 1,000 people attend Obaidul Quader's programme, it is even embarrassing for us!"

Regarding his words, Ekram Karim Chowdhury told Prothom Alo on Thursday evening that there had been no special programme at his house. Party men had come to exchange Eid greetings. He had been addressing them.