He would undergo heart operation today.

In the 18.33-minute Facebook live video, Ekramul Karim said, “Quader bhai, I placed you just after my father. During the 2008 elections, senior leaders told me to beat (you). But Alauddin Nasim told me, Ekram bhai, if Awami League does not come to power only for (the shortage of) this one constituency! You went on to win the elections by a margin of just 1100 votes including the votes of my home union. That Quader bhai has unleashed his brother (Quader Mirza) against me.”

Addressing Obaidul Quader, the AL lawmaker also said, “Quader bhai, you have been doing a huge damage to Bangladesh Awami League. It would be tough to mend the damage. Why don’t understand, the leader (Sheikh Hasina) has asked you to keep mum at different places. You are a despised person to all the people of Noakhali but a few beneficiaries.”

Ekramul Karim Chowdhury, former general secretary to Noakhali district Awami League, also spoke about controlling Quader Mirza, younger brother of Obaidul Quader and mayor of Basurhat pourashava in Companiganj upazila of the district.

“Quader bhai, if you can’t control him, give me the chance for one day only. I’ll bring your brother to the street. Many of us have kept mum just for the sake of you. Leader Sheikh Hasina send me message for four-five times, not to say anything. Today I’m speaking out as I’ll undergo an operation today,” MP Ekram added.