Hasina said that the Awami League government, the party, its leaders and activists are always beside the distressed people.

"Our aim is to ensure a better life for the people of this country, and we will work tirelessly to materialise that aim," she said.

She also said that Awami League and its leaders and activists are pledge-bound for that.

The prime minister said that Bangladesh is advancing towards socioeconomic development and changes are taking place in the socioeconomic status of the people of Bangladesh.

"We have been able to ensure food for people up to the grassroots level. We are providing homes for the homeless and landless people. No one will be homeless, landless and addressless in the land of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman," she said.

She said that due to the coronavirus and the Ukraine-Russia war the whole world plunged into an economic recession.

"But by the grace of Almighty we have been able to continue the wheels of the economy till now in the country," she said.

She briefly described various development activities of the government for overall advancement of the country as well as ensuring social safety net programmes.

The prime minister said that due to the war the government has to buy various items like edible oil, fuel, sugar, lentils, wheat and corn at higher prices to provide those to the poor, lower income people at fair prices.

She also mentioned that the government is providing various essential food items totally free to the people across the country.

"We are spending a huge amount of money in this regard just to lessen the burden of the common people whatever the price of those items in the world market," she said.

She again urged all to utilise their arable lands to produce something no matter whatever the quantity is.

"Many countries are suffering from food crisis, many countries want to procure food items from us, we can also provide the food if we can utilise our lands properly," she said.In this connection she said that the Awami League government will lend all kinds of support to produce foods in the country.

Hasina was elected President of Bangladesh Awami League for the 10th consecutive term, while Obaidul Qader was re-elected as general secretary for the third time in the 22nd National Council held on 24 December in Dhaka.