Affidavit info: Information minister’s loan doubles in 5 yrs

Information minister Hasan Mahmud
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The amount of loan of the information minister Hasan Mahmud, an incumbent MP from Chattogram-7 (Rangunia-Boalkhali) constituency has doubled in the last five years.

The amount of his loan in 2018 was Tk 12.1 million which has soared to Tk 22.8 million, reveals an analysis of two affidavits he submitted to the election commission (EC) before the 11th parliamentary election and the 12th parliamentary election.

Hasan Mahmud is the MP of the constituency since the 9th parliamentary election in 2008. This time again the Awami League has picked him as the party’s candidate for the constituency.

In the affidavit, Hasan Mahmud, also joint general secretary to the AL, mentioned his profession as teaching and business.

The affidavit shows his personal loan is Tk 12.5 million, taken from Global Islami Bank. And, the amount of loan taken without any security is Tk 9.1 million. He has borrowed Tk 1.2 million from his brothers.

He has earned Tk 130,000 from agriculture sector, Tk 147,000 earned as rent of house, flat and shops, and Tk 122,263 from various other sources, the affidavit says.

The income of the information minister’s wife, Nuran Fatema, has also dropped. In 2018, her total income was Tk 2,478,225 which is now Tk 1,157,333.

According to the affidavit, the sources of Nuran Fatema’s income are - house rent (Tk 210,000), business (Tk 274,000) and share and savings paper (Tk 152,000). She has earned Tk 421,333 from banking and other sources.

The amount of cash the information minister has is Tk 510,000 while his wife has Tk 40,000. The amount of money he has in his bank accounts is Tk 720,000 and Tk 515,000 is there in his wife’s bank accounts.

Among the immovable assets, Hasan Mahmud has six kathas of land in Khulshi mouza of Panchlaish area in Khulna and a 7-katha plot in Purbachal, the affidavit mentioned.

He has inherited one fourth of 2-katha land in Baklia mouza and owns a building situated on 5.5-katha land owing to a gift.

The affidavit further states that the building is now in custody of a developer. He also bought a duplex building in Pink City in 2009 at a coast of Tk 4.8 million.

Besides this, Hasan Mahmud’s wife owns a 3-katha land in Gazipur and land in Sirajuddaula road in Chattogram city, the affidavit mentioned.