Health Minister Zahid Maleque
File photo

Health minister Zahid Maleque has been heavily criticised by the opposition parties’ lawmakers in parliament for huge reported irregularities and mismanagement in the health sector.

Speaking at a budget discussion on Wednesday, a parliamentarian from JaPa Shameem Haider urged the health minister to hand over all the ministerial (health) duties to 350 MPs to recruit the physicians and nurses and spend the unused allocated money in the budget.

“The health ministry cannot use the allocated money in the budget. They have returned it to the government. We don’t want this. If you cannot spend the allocated money, distribute it among the 350 MPs here. We will spend the money. We will look after the health services. You don’t need to,” he slammed.

“Couldn’t you recruit the physicians and nurses? Hand over the duty to 350 MPs. We will recruit them,” the JaPa’s lawmaker added.

Later, the minister asked the MPs to take charge of the hospitals in their areas. He also commented that the allegations were unacceptable.

Along with Shameem Haider, leaders of BNP and Gono Forum have raised their voices against the anomaly of the health ministry that appeared even in the pandemic.