Fakhrul hoped that good sense will prevail upon the government to take steps for holding a credible election by handing over power to an interim caretaker government in the country, putting aside terror and repressive activities.

In response to a question, he said, Awami League has put the country into such a deep crisis that it will not be possible to overcome if the election is not held properly and the public representatives are not elected properly. “How the country will run if credible elections are not held?”

The BNP leader said the neighbouring countries like India, Nepal, and Pakistan have many problems, but they are holding inclusive and acceptable elections and their political parties have confidence in their electoral systems and processes.

“There is an election atmosphere even in Pakistan.  Unfortunately, we couldn't do that.  Awami League has created this crisis to perpetuate power,” Fakhrul bemoaned.

He accused the government of establishing a reign of terror across the country to hang on to power. "Awami League can’t sustain in power without resorting to terrorism. They can’t tolerate their opponents and they want to eliminate their opponents through terror acts.  They cannot rule without terror and- this is their old habit.”

About the militant snatching incident in the capital, the BNP leader said it has exposed the 'state of Awami League’s weak governance.

“We see thieves, thefts, hooliganism, and clashes everywhere.  They (police) are doing so many things and they shot a day labourer. But how did the militants disappear in front of them (police).”