Penny Appeal launched the appeal to help people hit hard by floods, as thousands face shortages of food and essentials.

The organisation is working with partners on the ground to provide life-saving support to those whose lives have been torn apart this monsoon season.

To help flood-hit people it has requested people to donate £50 for a monsoon food pack (which could provide a family with food for a month), £300 for monsoon shelter (which could provide emergency shelter for a family), £500 for 10 food packs (which could provide 10 families with food for a month), and £3,000 for 10 emergency shelters (which could provide emergency shelter for 10 families).

Each year, heavy monsoon rains threaten millions of lives across South Asia. This year’s monsoon season is getting worse, causing widespread damage across Bangladesh.

Hundreds have already lost their homes, livelihoods and lack access to essential food, water, and even basic medical assistance.

Moreover, the strong winds and heavy rains put lives and property at risk. Entire livelihoods, cattle and farmland are destroyed, leaving people with nothing and no form of income.

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