Amid political debate over the issue, EC has decided to use EVM in a maximum 150 seats in the forthcoming national parliamentary election. They have 150,000 EVM at present. If the elections in the 150 are held on one day, then around another 200,000 EVMs will be required.

Earlier, a senior official of the EC secretariat told Prothom Alo, the project proposal that has been drawn up has three broad areas of expenditure. These include the procurement of around 200,000 EVMs, measures to maintain the EVM, and creating a workforce for the EVM. In all, the cost of the project has been estimated at over Tk 80 billion.

During the EC dialogue in August, 22 political parties had given their views concerning the EVM. Of them, 9 had been against the use of EVM. Another 5 expressed their apprehensions and doubts concerning the EVM. Only four parties, including Awami League, had spoken in favour of the voting to be done with the EVM.

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