Some eminent citizens making made-up remarks: EC

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The election commission (EC) has alleged that some of the country’s prominent personalities have been making made-up statements regarding the electoral code of conduct.

The commission came up with the allegation through a release issued to the media on Saturday.

The release noted that some of the prominent figures are making statements in talk-shows and printed articles that the election commission is carefree about enforcing the electoral code of conduct.

Such made-up statements may mislead the people, affect their trust on the election commission, and eventually impact the forthcoming parliamentary elections negatively, it feared.

Describing the issue as undesirable, the commission clarified its stance on electoral code of conduct, citing concerned rules and regulations.

According to the release, the political parties and their candidates are prime subjects of the electoral code of conduct. However, the candidates might be nominated by any party, or become independent. They will not get more than 21 days for election campaigning.

Until being confirmed by the returning officers, no nominated or independent candidates will be considered as electoral candidates and come under the electoral law and code of conduct.

The EC has fixed the timeframe for the electoral campaign from 18 December to 5 January. There is no legal scope to become a candidate before 18 December and carry out an electoral campaign.