The Free Press Awards recognise journalists and media professionals who have a strong commitment with press freedom and independent information, says the website.

“Rozina has endured many threats and harassment because of her work, but that never stopped her in her quest to uncover abuses of power and corruption in the public sector,” the organisation said on its website.

Rozina was harassed while collecting information from the health ministry on 17 May. She was sent to jail after 6 hours of confinement and torture. Rozina was released from jail on 23 May.

“Though she was released on bail, her passport and press card has been seized by police, and if convicted she could face up to 14 years in prison,” says the Free Press Unlimited.

Morocco’s Radi has uncovered many scandals involving his country's social and economic inequalities and has now been sentenced to six years in jail after a mock trial, said the organisation.

Raman Vasiukovich is a television journalist at the TV channel 'Current Time' that documented the protests against the stolen elections in Belarus in 2020, said the organisation adding that Vasiukovich was forced into exile.

Apart from Most Resilient Journalist award, the organisation will also honour journalists and media professionals in Newcomer of the Year category.

Bhat Burhan from India, Aye Myint Thant from Myanmar and Israel Graca Campos from Angola have been nominated for newcomer of the year.

“These are journalists that work in very challenging environments, but show great motivation and talent in their ambition to inform their public,” said the organisation.