It might take another two weeks for the load shedding situation to become normal, said state minister for power, energy, and mineral resources Nasrul Hamid.

“The consumers have been observing for a few days that the load shedding has increased. We were having problems to supply gas, coal and oil. That is why load shedding has gradually increased. Now the situation has become unbearable,” said Nasrul Hamid.

The state minister was talking to media regarding the ongoing load shedding situation across the country at his secretariat office on Sunday.

He said, "The authorities have been trying hard how fast it can import coal for Payra power plant. Currently the power plant has been operating with half of its capacity. Barapukuria coal fired power plant is also operating with half of its capacity. Even the fuel oil run power plants are also operating with half of their capacity. The power division has been trying to resolve the problem very soon.”

Nasrul Hamid, however, said they do not have any plan so far to manage load shedding by drawing a roster like July in the last year.

“The demand of power has increased as heatwave is sweeping over the country. The amount of load shedding is 2500MW. We have been trying to bring that down. The situation may be normal within the next 10-15 days,” he added.

In response to a question on the capacity of power production, the state minister said the plants are ready to operate. The attempts were being made from two months ago. But the background issues of bringing fuel are not in their hands always. There are economic issues, opening of LC (letter of credit); coordination is necessary for everything. Problems appear if this coordination faces obstacles anywhere. This is what happened this time too.