In this situation, people living in Sylhet city are rushing to brick, cement and sand stores in a bid to protect their houses from flood water.

On a spot visit, it was seen that residents of different areas are purchasing these building materials from a dealer, Messrs Murshid Brothers, in the Sheikh Ghat area. Then, they are taking these home by rickshaw van.

Manager of the Messrs Murshid Brothers Shakil Murshid said he was forced by the customers to open his shop. The customers are buying cement and sand at Tk 12 per kg and per ft respectively.

A resident of the city's Jamtala area Kurshed Ahmed told Prothom Alo that flood water has reached near to his home. The water will increase more due to the incessant rain. The rain will continue for a few days.

If the current situation prevails, the water will gush into his home. He is trying to obstruct the water by making a wall of brick, sand and cement, he added.

Another resident of the city's Kuyar Par area ATM Israt said the water has entered into the main entrance of his house. If the incessant rain continues, the water will enter into his home in the evening. Fearing that, he has purchased 50 bricks, 10 kg cement and 2 feet of sand from a dealer.

Sajjad Mia and his son Masum Ahmed came to the Sheikh Ghat area to buy building materials to prevent flood water from gushing into their home.

Masum said he went to different shops to purchase these materials but found them closed in the morning. That is the reason why he came to the Sheikh Ghat area.

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