Diplomats of 25 countries invited in briefing of state minister for home

State minister for home affairs Shahriar Alam
File photo

State minister for home affairs Shahriar Alam has invited diplomats of 25 countries in Dhaka in a briefing to be held today, Thursday.

The briefing has been organised at the state guest house Padma as part of Bangladesh’s campaign for the country’s candidature as secretary general of International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The briefing was prescheduled. However, it has gained an added significance as Bangladesh has recently implemented its decision to withdraw additional security to diplomats of four countries including the US and the UK.

Diplomatic sources said though the briefing is for campaigning in favour of Bangladesh’s candidature, the matter regarding the security of the diplomats could be raised in the programme. That is why preparations were taken keeping that in mind.

The countries invited in the briefing are: the US, the UK, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

Diplomats of China and Turkey were not invited as the countries have been competing in the election against Bangladesh.