Dhaka division saw the highest number of school and high school students, 23.77 per cent, ending their lives. It was followed by Chattogram (17.27 per cent) and Rajshahi (16.81 per cent), Khulna (14.13 per cent), Rangpur (8.74 per cent), Barishal (8.53 per cent), Mymensingh (6.27 per cent), and Sylhet (4.48 per cent).

Also, 85 university and 54 madrasah students killed themselves.

On average, 37 school and high school students tried to commit suicide every month.

A gender analysis of the suicide data of high school students found that girls showed more suicidal tendencies (60.15 per cent) than boys.

Among school students who committed suicide, 63.90 per cent were girls. And 59.44 per cent of the high school students who killed themselves were girls.

School and high school students, who committed suicide, faced different issues, including being emotionally hurt (27.36 per cent), troubled romantic attachment (23.32 per cent), family conflict (3.14 per cent), depression (2.01 per cent), psychological problems (1.79 per cent), financial problems (1.79 per cent), harassment (1.79 per cent), and rape or sexual harassment (1.34 per cent).

Anchal Foundation general secretary Samira Akhter Siam said what is “very worrying for us” is that the suicide rate is highest among students aged 13 to 19 years.

“From an early age, mental health and emotion management techniques should be taught in the home by families, social settings, and at educational institutions,” she emphasised.