Brac University won’t renew contract with Asif Mahtab

Brac University

Brac University will not renew its contract with part-time teacher Asif Mahtab who tore up a textbook of Class VII.

Brac University issued this announcement today.

The textbook of history and social science under the new curriculum contains a chapter on building awareness on the transgender community. The chapter created a debate.

The issue came to headlines again as Asif Mahtab ripped pages of the text book at a function.  A video footage of the incident went viral on social media.

Amid the ongoing debate over the issue, Brac University issued the statement.

The university said it believes in constructive discussion, debate and exchange of views like other higher educational institutes. But Brac University does not support damaging national property by any destructive activities. The university deems Asif Mahtab’s conduct of tearing pages of a textbook and asking others to do so as destructive. His conduct was unbecoming of a teacher and does not warrant any support.

Brac University’s statement adds that it respects the country’s constitution and laws and is pledged to adhere to the laws of the land.

It also said that a certain quarter’s propaganda on social media that Brac University is associated with the promotion and spread of homosexuality are completely baseless.

But Brac University believes in equal rights and opportunity for all, adds the statement.