12-kg LPG cylinder price increases by Tk 46

The government has increased the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) again at a retail level. The price of each 12-kilogram cylinder of LPG has been increased by Tk 46 to Tk 1,297.

The price would be effective from 6:00pm Sunday, said Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) at an online press briefing on Sunday.

Earlier last month, the price of each cylinder of LPG was increased by Tk 51.

BERC chairman Abdul Jalil announced the new price at a function online.

Replying to a question, Abdul Jalil said the concerned body has amended BERC act as per the wish of the government.

BERC fixed the price of LPG for the first time on 12 April last year. The price is being adjusted every month since then. 

According BERC, the government LPG prices have been kept unchanged. The new price of LPG per kg at consumer level in the private sector is Tk 105.22.

The prices of LPG cylinders of different quantities will be determined accrodingly. Apart from this, the new price of LPG (auto gas) used in vehicles has been set at Tk 60.41 per litre, which was earlier Tk 58. 28.

The prices are adjusted based on prices of propane and butane, two main components of LPG gas, in global market. Saudi Aramco reveals the prices propane and butane every month.

Members of BERC Mokbul-e-Elahi Chowdhury, ABM Faruque, Mohammad Bozlur Rahman and Md Kamruzzaman, among others, were present during the announcement of the new price.