Myanmar made contact about taking back their 95 border guards: Foreign minister

Foreign minister Hasan Mahmud addresses a press conference
File photo

The government of Myanmar has contacted the Bangladesh government about taking back the neighbouring country’s border guard (BGP) members who entered Bangladesh, said foreign minister Hasan Mahmud.

He informed this to the media in response to a question of a newsperson at his office Monday.

At least 95 BGP members crossed the border and entered Bangladesh Sunday to defend them as a fierce fight is going on with the armed insurgent group, Arakan Army.

“We have continuous communication with Myanmar. The Myanmar state minister for foreign affairs communicated with our ambassador this morning. They will take back their border guard members. Now we have been discussing the mode of transport, whether planes or boats would be used to take them back,” said the minister.

Hasan Mahmud also informed the media that earlier several BGP members entered India too. They were sent back from India by planes.

Mentioning that many from Myanmar are crossing the border to enter Bangladesh, the foreign minister stated, “Myanmar contacted us, so did we. Many are still crossing the border, there is a possibility of some more to cross over. Several are injured. They have been admitted at Cox’s Bazar hospital.”

The foreign minister was asked about involvement of any third country or the United Nations over the border situation.

To this he asserted, “Our border is sufficiently protected. Since they fled their country, we gave them shelter. There is no question of involving any third country here as the two countries have engaged in discussions.”