The foreign minister told Prothom Alo on Monday night, “Beijing informed us that the Chinese foreign minister wants to visit Dhaka on 5 and 6 August. But I will not be in Dhaka at that time. So, we will welcome the Chinese foreign minister if they change the schedule.”

The Chinese foreign minister plans to come to Dhaka as part of his visit to ‘friendly countries’ including five ASEAN members, Mongolia and Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh foreign minister is scheduled to take part in 29th ASEAN Regional Forum’s (ARF) meeting in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Phen at the intended time of his Chinese counterpart’s visit.

Bangladesh asked China to consider if foreign minister Wang Yi can visit Mongolia first and then come to Dhaka. In that case, foreign minister Momen would return Dhaka from the ARF meeting on 6 August instead of 7 August.

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