Future of Bangladeshi govt should be determined by its people: US 

Spokesperson Matthew Miller speaks in the US state department briefingCollected

The United States has commented that the future of the Bangladesh government should be determined by its people.  

Spokesperson Matthew Miller made this comment in a regular briefing of the US State Department on Monday. 

A media person asked Miller in the briefing, "Bangladesh and Dhaka is another hot place like Gaza. It will become a Gaza Strip very soon if free and fair election is not going to take place. Bangladesh is a sovereign country where 90 to 95 per cent of the people are in favour of democracy and free, fair, participatory, and inclusive election.

Citizens of Bangladesh become very optimistic once America starts playing a role concerning human rights and the democratic process. All major political parties except Awami League are working with ambassador Peter Haas and other diplomats from other nations. Why must the US government discuss the Bangladesh issue with India? "

In response, Miller said, “Let me just say what I have said many times, which is we support free and fair elections in Bangladesh.

We think the future of the Bangladeshi government should be determined by its people.” 

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