The Russian foreign ministry spokesperson said that under the pretext of caring about the rights of the citizens of Bangladesh, the US ambassador was "persistently trying to influence the domestic processes in the country."

US ambassador Peter Haas on the morning of 14 December visited the home of BNP leader Sajedul Islam, who went missing around a decade ago. A group of people tried to waylay him as he emerged from the house. He left the area with the help of security personnel.

The same afternoon Peter Haas held an urgent meeting with the foreign minister AK Abdul Moment regarding the Shaheenbagh incident. He questioned how his personal information was leaked and expressed concern for his own security.

The US informed the highest level of the Bangladesh government about its concern regarding the incident involving the US ambassador in Dhaka, Peter Haas.

The matter has been discussed in Washington too. During discussions on with Bangladesh's ambassador to the US, Mohammad Imran on 15 December, the US Assistant Secretary of State of Central and South Asian affairs Donald Lu expressed concern for Peter Haas' security.