29 deer carcasses recovered after cyclone Remal hit Sundarbans

The entire Sundarbans flooded by the tidal caused by Cyclone Remal. The damage of Sundarbans becoming visibleProthom Alo

The entire Sundarbans was flooded for about 30 hours in the tidal surge caused by Cyclone Remal, resulting in saline water entering ponds dug to preseve sweet water for forest animals and people.

Meanwhile, the forest department recovered 26 deer carcasses from different areas of Sundarbans till noon on Tuesday.

Three deer carcasses have been recovered from the Baleswar river of Patharghata upazila in Barguna.

A total of 17 injured deer have been released in the forest after treatment. Khulna region forest conservator Mihir Kumar Tho confirmed the matter.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Sundarbans east forest department divisional officer Kazi Mohammad Nurul Karim said, "Still we are not able to go to all the spots. The sea and rivers are turbulent. There was a tidal surge for about 25 to 30 hours. We are getting news of deaths of many animals. We will be able to disclose more news after collecting detailed information."

A deer calf washed ashore. Later forest people released the deer at the Hodda patrol line area of the Sundarbans

Nurul Karim also said, the pond of Katka has been submerged with the sea. Window panes, solar panels and water tanks of forest offices have been damaged.

Khulna region forest conservator Mihir Kumar Do has posted a picture of a deer on social media. It shows an injured deer among the uprooted trees at Dublarchar in Sundarbans.

He  wrote, "The deer luckily survived. But there will be no estimation as to how many deer and wild animals have been washed away."

He said there is news of the death of wild animals. Carcasses bodies of two deer have been found. However, all information will not be available if animals die deep in the forest.