63 more border guards of Myanmar enter Bangladesh

Sixty three more BGP members enter Bangladesh and they are unarmed and taken to the BGB outpost at Whykong area in Teknaf at around 1:30 pm WednesdayJewel Shill

Sixty three more members of Border Guard Police (BGP) of Myanmar have entered Bangladesh amid fighting between the insurgent group Arakan Army and the Myanmar military.

They were unarmed and taken to the Border Guard Bangladesh's (BGB) outpost in Whykong area in Teknaf at around 1:30 pm today, Wednesday.

While visiting the spot at around 1:30 pm, it was seen that the BGP members were entering the Bangladesh territory under the guard of BGB members. Hundreds of people were gathering in the area.

Earlier, 264 members of BGP of Myanmar entered Bangladesh. Currently they are under BGB custody. The Bangladesh government is in discussion to send them back to Myanmar.