Beef is being sold at Tk 750 per kg at meat shops in Mugda area though the list shows the price at Tk700 per kg.

Traders said from the first to the 26th of Ramadan, the rate was Tk 650 to Tk 680 per kg and from Friday beef is being sold at Tk700 per kg due to rise in demand during Eid like the previous years.

Yaqub, a resident of Shantinagar ,who came to the market to buy beef said that the price goes up every day.

“At the beginning of Ramadan I bought one kg of beef at Tk 650. I bought it today (Sunday) at Tk750. We have nothing to say,” he said.

Besides, the price of broiler chicken has gone up.

Sohag, a chicken trader at Kaptan Bazar, said he sold broiler chicken at Tk 170 per kg on Saturday which is Tk 190 per kg today.

“I sold it at Tk160 per kg a week ago. Sonali and layer chicken prices have also increased. Today (Sunday) Sonali chickens are being sold at Tk350 to Tk360 per kg, which was between Tk 290 to Tk 300 per kg at the beginning of Ramadan.”

Layer (red) chicken is being sold at Tk280 per kg white layer chicken at Tk250 per kg.

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