Govt to provide financial assistance to tanners: Minister

In an effort to boost the tannery industries ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha, the government will take necessary steps to ensure financial assistance to the traders, industries minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun said Monday.

"The government will fix the prices of raw hide and salted hide considering the profit of the traders involved with the business amid coronavirus crisis," he said while talking at the second meeting of taskforce committee, formed for the development of the leather industries.

He also asked tannery owners, traders, owners of small and medium industries to work together for the improvement of the leather industry after overcoming the coronavirus situation.

The government is working to ensure proper management of rawhide, said the minister.

The meeting also said that the fisheries and livestock ministry and Islamic Foundation, with the help of local administrations, are providing training to seasonal traders and mosques Imams on raw hide collection and preservation.

The meeting also decided to carry out publicity and public awareness through media and social networking site through the information ministry and Leather Business Promotion Council before Eid-ul-Azha.

Besides, state minister for industries Kamal Ahmed Majumder informed the meeting that steps will be taken so that tannery owners can get loans from stimulus packages announced by the prime minister.

Secretary to the industries ministry, KM Ali Azam, said the deputy commissioners will be ordered to take overall preparation for the management of rawhide with the assistance of public representatives, police, UNOs, seasonal hide traders and traders involved in the business.

Additional secretary to the public safety division, Shahed Ali, said necessary steps will be taken to prevent entrance of cattle from the neighbouring country and hide smuggling.

Besides, Bangladesh Tanners Association president Shaheen Ahmed drew the attention of the committee to ensure financial assistance to the tannery owners. Private industry and investment adviser to the prime minister and member of the parliament (MP) Salman F Rahman, environment minister M Shahab Uddin, state minister for Industries Kamal Ahmed Majumder, secretary to the industries ministry, KM Ali Azam and high official concerned of fisheries and livestock ministry and industries ministry were present at the meeting.