Price of cigarettes to be increased

UNB file photo

Finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has proposed to increase the price of cigarettes in the proposed national budget for 2021-22 fiscal.

While unveiling the budget at the parliament on Thursday, he also said from now on, smokers have to pay more for cigarettes.

The finance minister said, “To reduce the use of tobacco products and to increase revenue collection, I propose to fix the price of lower slab of cigarettes per 10 sticks at Tk 39 and above and the supplementary duty on it to be 57 per cent.”

“Apart from this, I propose to fix the price of medium slab cigarette per 10 sticks at Tk 63 and above, high slab 10 sticks of cigarette at Tk 102 and above and the price of premium slab at Tk 135 and above where supplementary duty for all the three slabs will be 65 per cent.”

However, the price of non-filtered handmade bidi is to remain the same.

Finance minister Mustafa Kamal further said, “I propose to continue the existing price of 10 gm Jarda at Tk 40 and price of 10 gm Gul at Tk 20 where supplementary duty will be 55 per cent for both.”