Beef price set at Tk 650 per kg until parliamentary election

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Traders have decided to sell beef at Tk 650 per kg until the voting of 12th parliamentary elections. The price will be implemented from Thursday.

The traders further stated that the price will be adjusted after the election.

The decisions were taken from a joint meeting of Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association (BDFA) and Bangladesh Meat Traders Association at the office of Sadeeq Agro’s office in Mohammadpur in the capital on Wednesday.

Confirming the decision, Bangladesh Meat Traders Association  President Golam Murtaza told Prothom Alo, “Beef will be sold at Tk 650 a kg at the markets in the capital from Thursday. The decision will be implemented across the country gradually.”

He further said there is no scope to sell the meat at different prices owing to the interests of the traders and consumers.

A source present at the meeting informed Prothom Alo that the traders decided that there will be 750 grams meat, 200 grams bone and 50 grams fat in every 1 kg beef. No trader can sell low quality beef. The price will be adjusted after selling the beef at this rate for one month experimentally.

BDFA General Secretary Shah Imran told Prothom Alo that the concerned people were directed from a meeting of the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection to adjust the beef price. The interests of farmers, sellers and consumers were taken into consideration for this.

He urged all to help implement the newly decided price.

Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection convened a meeting with traders on Sunday as some were selling the beef at Tk 600 per kg while some were selling at a higher rate, creating confusions among the consumers.

But no decision could be taken from the meeting as meat traders allegedly created chaos several times there.

However, it was decided that the beef price will be fixed from a meeting of the BDFA, meat traders association and other concerned bodies on Wednesday. They were also asked to submit a report on the meeting to the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection by Sunday.

At the same time, Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission will also monitor the beef market.