Highlighting its steadfast dedication to Bangladesh, Lay's, one of the world’s loved potato chips brands from PepsiCo, has launched the transformative 'Lay's Made In Bangladesh' initiative in partnership with Transcom Consumer Products Ltd.This initiative marks a momentous milestone as Lay's proudly pioneers the local production of its iconic potato chips in Bangladesh. The establishment of the manufacturing unit dedicated to making the iconic Lay’s potato chips, at the plant, serves as a powerful testament to Lay's unwavering commitment to supporting the local community and driving economic growth in the region.

The launch of ‘Lay's Make In Bangladesh' initiative stems from PepsiCo’s presence in the country over two decades because of its strong and fruitful partnership with Transcom Group. Benefiting from Lay’s existing popularity in Bangladesh, this initiative will meet the robust and growing local demand for innovative formats and flavours in the booming potato chips market, bringing a delightful snacking experience to consumers.

One of the distinguishing features of the Bogura plant situated in North of Bangladesh, the hub of potato production, lies in its close association with agriculture. Lay's has set ambitious targets, starting in the very first year with procurement of 10,000 MT volume of high-quality chip grade potatoes because of forging robust ties with over 1200 local farmers and providing them with a reliable market through buy-back arrangement. Upskilling the value chain to strive for quality as a differentiator, will be key to PepsiCo’s potato volume ramp-up journey. This state-of-the-art facility will also serve as a hub of employment, creating a multitude of direct and indirect job opportunities.The positive impact of this plant reaches far beyond its walls, as it will foster a ripple effect throughout the entire go-to-market structure.


Highlighting the plant’s goals and commitment to Bangladesh, Pranav Mehta, Country Manager – Foods, PepsiCo, said, “Lay’s is a globally loved brand known to create magical moments of togetherness. The response for Lay’s has been no different in Bangladesh and this encouraged us to launch ‘Lay’s Make In Bangladesh’initiative with our trusted partner, Transcom. This initiative will not only bring joy to millions of consumers who can enjoy Lay's products made right here in Bangladesh but also instill a sense of pride among farmers and the entire workforce who will witness their hard work transform into delicious and globally recognized snacks starting at an affordable price of Taka 10, reaching a larger audience. The plant embodies our vision for a brighter future, where we actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of Bangladesh through a sustainable agriculture business model.”

Talking about the initiative, Ahmed ElSheikh, President, PepsiCo India,said, “The plant stands as a shining example of Lay’s’ commitment to local empowerment, community development, and long-term partnerships in pursuit of a brighter future. As we unfold this new chapter with Transcom, our partnership will further ensure region’s strong growth and prosperity. We are proud of this historic milestone in Bangladesh where PepsiCo will be able to engage and work closely with a strong farming community. We are optimistic that the latest technology and know-how around potato cultivation will help the farmers and local communities flourish hand in hand.”

Talking on the sidelines of the launch, Simeen Rahman, Group CEO Transcom said, “We have been a trusted partner for PepsiCo in the region for over two decades and are proud to stand by them in yet another milestone in their journey in Bangladesh. Today is a historic day for people of Bangladesh as Lay’s, a globally loved brand, will now be locally produced. This will usher a new opportunity of enhancing income avenues for farmers, agro firms, transporters, cold storages, contractual workforce, bolstering the entire ecosystem and driving economic growth in the region. We are confident that PepsiCo’s commitment to the market will reciprocate with accelerated growth for the company and brand Lay’s.”

The initiative was unveiled by Ahmed ElSheikh, President PepsiCo India Region and Simeen Rahman, Group CEO, Transcom at the Bogura plant.The manufacturing unit exemplifies the brand's dedicated efforts to transform Bangladesh into a reliable, quality-driven, and cost-efficient hub for local Lay's potato chips with a focus on training the farming community in cultivating high-quality potatoes. This agro-procurement model will further help in uplifting the community and fostering sustainable agriculture practices in the region.

The Made-In-Bangladesh Lay’s chips will be available in four delicious flavours namely American Style Cream and Onion, Spanish Tomato Tango, Classic Salted, and Thai Style Spicy Chicken at Taka 10, Taka 15, Taka 25, Taka 50 and Taka 75.