Water is synonymous to life. People can survive for about three days without water. But people cannot live more than three minutes without air. It is very important to take necessary steps in this regard when the air is a victim of pollution. However, although there has been a lot of discussion about outdoor air pollution, no one had a headache about indoor air pollution even a few years ago. There was very little awareness among the people about this.

According to a study, the rate of air pollution both at home and outdoor spaces is almost equal in the capital Dhaka. In winter, people usually close their doors and windows to keep dust out of the house. However, the quality of air outside the house has been found to be better than inside the house. The main reason for this is that many gases, including carbon dioxide emitted by people indoors, often pollute the air. And since the coronavirus outbreak, people have been staying indoors most of the time. Indoor air pollution can cause a variety of health complications, including allergies, asthma, rhinitis and complicated lung diseases. Therefore, one should be cautious so that indoor as well as outdoor air pollution cannot have a negative impact on health.

Technology has introduced easy solutions to many problems in our lives. A wide range of air purifiers are now available in the market to keep the indoor air clean. These air purifiers help to breathe in pollution-free air while keeping the indoor air free from germs. Among the various brands of air purifiers in the market, the air purifiers of South Korean tech company Samsung are unique in quality. The quality of indoor air can easily be known through its digital display. It has a four-step purification process to purify the tiny particles, harmful gases and germs present in the indoor air. These air purifiers are capable of ensuring 99.9 percent purification. Its three-way airflow technology ensures germ-free fresh air within moments. In addition, the air purifier's high-powered sensors are capable of easily detecting germs as small as PM2.5 micrometers. The state-of-the-art technology air purifier also works to remove gases like ammonia from indoor spaces. Its activated charcoal instantly removes harmful gases.

Sustainability and quality come first while buying any tech product. It is better to buy the best air purifier in the market taking the health concerns of you and your family into consideration. Samsung's three types of air purifiers are available in the price range ranging from BDT 25,900 to BDT 47,900. Customers will be able to enjoy free delivery and installation in addition to the six-month installment facility.