'PeopleNTech employs nearly 10,000 Bangladeshis in US job market'

A seminar on "Industry Skills for Global Careers" and "Orientation for Polytechnic Industrial Attachment" took place in National Museum in the city on Saturday

Founder of PeopleNTech Institute of IT engineer Abubokor Hanip said that the institute has successfully provided employment opportunities to nearly 10,000 Bangladeshis in the American job market.  This significant achievement comes after extensive training and skill development initiatives.

He said this while addressing a seminar on "Industry Skills for Global Careers" and "Orientation for Polytechnic Industrial Attachment" that took place at the Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Auditorium in National Museum in the city on Saturday.

Nearly 500 students from across the country took part at the event, according to a press release.

Abubokor Hanip, also the chancellor and chairman of Washington University of Science and Technology, highlighted PeopleNTech's commitment to bridging the skill gap in the IT industry.

He mentioned that their IT institution offers a comprehensive range of 67 courses, each costing between Tk 20,000 to 30,000. However, as a special incentive for polytechnic students, these courses are available at a significantly reduced cost of only Tk 7,000 to 8,000. This initiative aims to empower polytechnic students, equipping them with valuable skills to uplift themselves and contribute to the nation's future.

Addressing the polytechnic students hailing from various districts of Bangladesh, Abubokor Hanip emphasised the crucial role the next three months would play in their career development.

Chancellor Hanip also took the opportunity to acquaint the polytechnic students with Washington University of Science and Technology in the United States. He highlighted that the university boasts faculty members with extensive experience, ranging from four to thirty years.

He underscored the importance of bringing industry-relevant knowledge and skills into the classroom, a practice that has attracted students from various American universities to enroll in their programs.

The event featured special guests, including AKM Ahmedul Islam Babu, a member of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and the managing director of TechKnowGram, Begum Sathi, managing director of PeopleNTech, Abul Hossain Mia, advisor to PeopleNTech, Mashrul Hossain Khan Leon, vice president of PeopleNTech, and Abdul Hamid, the chief operating officer.