Operating costs of Tesla lower than gasoline cruiser: Musk

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk.Reuters file photo

Tesla chief Elon Musk on Sunday said that the operating cost of a Tesla vehicle is much lower as compared to a gasoline cruiser.

“The operating costs of a Tesla are also much lower than a gasoline cruiser!” he wrote on Twitter.

Musk, recently, has blamed supply chain price pressure for incremental price increases the company has made to its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles over the past several months.

“Prices increasing due to major supply chain price pressure industry-wide,” he tweeted in response to a complaint about the changes.

“Raw materials especially,” he added.

Musk had previously indicated in April earnings call that Tesla was well placed to weather the global chip shortage by “pivoting extremely quickly to new microcontrollers”.

The Standard Range Plus version of the Model 3 has increased from $36,990 in February to $39,990 in late May, for example, while the Model Y Long Range AWD version has gone from $49,990 to $51,990 over the same period.

Tesla has updated its prices almost half a dozen times since February this year.