Dhanmondi Govt Boys' High School Scout Alumni Association (DSAA) will get accommodation from Moar Space Ltd, stated a press release.

Recently on 19 July, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between these two organisations at the Gulshan office of Moar Space.

The MOU was signed by DSAA president Sarajit Baral and Co-founder as well CEO of Moar space Ltd Nabila Nowrin on behalf of their respective organisations.  

The main purpose of the partnership for Moar is to build brand awareness, brand trust, to add value for clients and customers and to have the opportunity of reaching new markets and accessing new customers.

For the DSAA, they can establish a setting for their monthly mentorship programme, ‘Elevate' that fosters a strong community atmosphere. Having a dedicated Moar space as their venue will provide them with the chance to mentor the alumni, who will very soon begin their journey towards a professional life.

Both DSAA and Moar are optimistic about the newly formed partnership, and they believe that this venture will be beneficial for both of them.