The challenge is to answer as many as possible correctly, and showcase their streaks among the community. A user will automatically participate in the topic when publishing the videos with the hashtag and sticker, a press release said.

It added that Likee has been organising such campaigns with a purpose to promote online safety and positive morale among its users through interesting content promotion.

“Short-videos possess the potential to emit very strong and substantial messages in a subtle, instantaneous manner”, said a spokesperson of Likee.

“Likee prioritises creating a prudent environment with zero-tolerance shown to all sorts of offensive, immoral and unjust actions. Our ‘CyberSafety’ campaign is designed to take this agenda of transparency and fairness one step further, giving Likee better acceptability among its beloved users”, she added.

Likee previously introduced hashtag campaigns like #BhalorJonnoJano (#KnowForGood) and others, where popular youth influencers like Ayman Sadiq, Munzereen Shahid, Toya and Tawhid Afridi joined hands to ensure a safe and healthy online community.

Likee also banned 42,751 accounts for violating its safety protection regulations from January to May of this year, the release said.

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