Saudi deputy minister holds meeting with Nafeez Sarafat


Chowdhury Nafeez Sarafat, a transnational business leader of Bangladesh, has recently held a meeting with Badr I Al Badr, deputy minister of investors outreach at the investment ministry of Saudi Arabia, at Le Méridien in Dhaka.

In the meeting, they discussed potential investment ventures in Bangladesh, according to a press release.

A 31-member business delegation from Saudi Arabia visited Bangladesh this week, demonstrating their growing interest in exploring investment opportunities. The discussions centered around KSA's investment plans and business expansion strategies.

Sarafat is renowned for spearheading hotel chains, large-scale educational institutes, economic zones, energy, and real estate projects. His collaborations with global institutions such as General Electric, Marriott, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts - KKR, Nebras Power (Qatar), LIC India, and others underscore his impactful contributions.

The Saudi companies expressed keen interest in investing in Bangladesh, particularly in infrastructure projects, with a focus on collaboration with hotel chains, educational institutions and real estate.

The potential ventures include Marriott hotel projects, university initiatives, Haileybury School, and other large-scale infrastructure projects.

Badr I Al Badr extended a prompt invitation to Sarafat, initiating subsequent steps for potential partnerships. Both parties also mutually consented to strategise and showcase projects at the upcoming Expo 2030 World Fair during the World Cup season, aiming to facilitate further collaboration and expansion in Saudi Arabia.

Sarafat sees this as an opportunity to partner with KSA companies, paving the way for the establishment of hotels and infrastructure businesses in the region.

The meeting sets the stage for a promising partnership between Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributing to the growth and development of both nations.