Grameen Telecom distributes 1m free masks


Grameen Telecom has said it would provide 1 million free cloth masks to underprivileged people to prevent coronavirus transmission.

Already 72,000 masks have been distributed through various organisations, Grameen Telecom said Sunday.

According to various international researches and announcements by the Department of Health, coronavirus transmission can be significantly reduced by using masks made of cloth, especially with knit fabrics.

Grameen Telecom has taken the initiative to reach out to the underprivileged population and those who cannot afford to buy masks.

As research shows, an infected person may spread the virus by sneezing, coughing and even by talking to others, said a media release.

These two-layer masks made of knit fabrics can prevent the coronavirus from spreading. If everyone uses masks, then coronavirus transmission may be greatly reduced.

These non-medical masks are being produced at the production facilities of Grameen Fabrics and Fashions Ltd.

So far, 205,000 masks have been produced. From now on, 200,000 masks will be produced every week.

Individuals and organisations interested in acquiring masks for distribution at their own initiative have been requested to reach out through email at [email protected].