BSTI sets unified standards for manufacturing, marketing electrolyte drinks

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Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has set common national standards for electrolyte drinks to help maintain minimum quality of such products, a move which is expected to help boost a promising industry.

According to officials concerned, the standards that have been finalised recently would be applicable for manufacturing and marketing electrolyte drinks following unified standards in the country.

“The standards will be helpful for maintaining common standards and serve manufacturers, marketers and consumers... The standards will be voluntary initially and may be made mandatory in course of time,” Enamul Haque, Deputy Director (agriculture and food) at BSTI, said on Tuesday.

He added that BSTI authorities held a number of meetings recently and people of technical knowledge contributed to preparing the standards.

Standard electrolyte drinks should contain different minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Until recently, there were no regulatory standards for electrolyte drinks, which are popular all over the world for their health benefits. These drinks have gained certain popularity in Bangladesh as well in recent times.

The BSTI move for setting the standards has come as a welcome gesture for the industry which also has export potential. These drinks are particularly beneficial for those involved in physical activities including athletes and sportsmen or arduous tasks.

The broader energy and sports drinks sector in Bangladesh is projected to grow at a compound rate of 7.61 per cent, reaching about USD 185.4 million by 2029.