Bangladesh Business & Disability Network and CSR Centre join hands to promote disability inclusion

With a spirit of unity and shared purpose, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Bangladesh Business & Disability Network (BBDN) and the CSR Centre on 9t August, marking a significant milestone towards an inclusive world of work for persons with disabilities.

The signing was executed by Shahamin S Zaman, CEO of CSR Centre and Murteza Rafi Khan, CEO of BBDN, underscoring their organisations' commitment to fostering disability confidence in the private sector and driving inclusive progress. The event was graced by the presence of trustees from both organisations, symbolising a strong institutional commitment to promoting disability confidence and inclusive growth.

The CSR Centre’s vision is to be the catalyst for a better society by encouraging public, private and development sectors towards promoting responsible business. While the CSR Centre looks at multiple areas, BBDN in particular aims to facilitate a more disability inclusive workforce in Bangladesh. Both organisations share objectives related to diversity and inclusion. By working together, the CSR Centre and BBDN aspire to create a more inclusive society, aligning their efforts with the Sustainable Development Goal of inclusive growth by "leaving no one behind."

The CSR Centre and BBDN aim to jointly conduct advocacy with policy makers, government entities and relevant stakeholders to bring about the desired changes, in addition to mobilising the private sector to work on building their disability confidence and meeting diversity and inclusion goals. Both organisations will actively engage with these stakeholders in various areas, including awareness raising, promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion, policy advocacy, training for businesses, identifying the sectoral industry demands for inclusion and so on, within the scope of collaboration.

Farooq Sobhan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CSR Centre, expressed his satisfaction that this partnership was taking shape. He also reaffirmed the CSR Centre's commitment to effective collaboration with BBDN.

Anis A. Khan, Trustee of both BBDN and the CSR Centre, extended his heartfelt appreciation to both organisations for this united initiative to foster a common goal. He also appreciated organisations like DBL group and Shwapno who already hired persons with disabilities, while suggesting to ramp up public awareness on the matter.

In her speech, Rupali Chowdhury, Trustee of BBDN, emphasised the importance of personalised outreach and urged the need to work directly with individual companies. She recommended creating inspirational examples for showcasing the connection between SDGs, poverty alleviation, and diversity, thereby reinforcing the message of inclusivity.

Salahuddin Kasem Khan, Chairman, Advisory Council, BBDN expressed his appreciation for CSR Centre's positive consideration to collaborate. He highlighted the importance of engaging relevant stakeholders to actively work on disability inclusion. To this end he emphasised that incorporating persons with disabilities into the workforce is not an act of charity, but a strategic move that can contribute to national economic growth.

Syed Ali Jowher Rizvi, Trustee CSR Centre, Sabbir Nasir, Trustee CSR Centre, Monsur Ahmed Chowdhury, Trustee, BBDN, Faiaz Rahman, Trustee BBDN and representatives from DBL Group were also present at the signing ceremony.

Through this powerful alliance, the CSR Centre and BBDN aim to inspire a transformational change in the corporate landscape, fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce that embraces the talents and potential of every individual, irrespective of disabilities.