Safeguard your house this rainy season by Berger Mr. Expert Damp Guard

The calendar is almost marking the end of the hot summer days. Occasional drizzles and thunderstorms are already signaling the onset of monsoon. Bengalis become emotional just seeing raindrops hitting the windowpanes. Rain means snacking with steaming hot tea, khichuri and salad on the dining table and all the melodies of Tagore playing in the background. The monsoon is the special time to celebrate the never-ending gossip with friends and family, or the echoing rain on the tin roofs trending on Insta-stories!

However, in the densely populated suburbs of millions of people, it would not be reasonable to assume that the monsoon brings only joy and fascination. Waterlogging due to nonstop rains, resulting in misery in public life and inducing various problems including the spread of diseases like dengue also highlights another aspect of monsoon in metropolitan lives. Flooding often damages the floating people's homes and livelihoods. And even the seemingly 'safe' upper and middle-class people are not completely immune from such damages.

Rainwater makes the walls of the houses wet and damp, which can be uncomfortable as well as unhealthy for the residents. Due to its geographical placement as a coastal and riverine country, the climate of Bangladesh is naturally humid and salty, which can have a negative effect on the colour of the traditionally built walls and paints. In the rainy weather, any kind of small and large leakage in the walls and water leaking from it can make this problem more severe.

In addition to creating an unhealthy environment, the dampness of the interior or exterior walls also damages the aesthetics of the home. Conscious home-owners, therefore, always opts to find a simple and permanent solution to protect the walls of the house constructed with hard-earned money. One such product ensuring simple and permanent solution on the market is – Berger Mr. Expert Damp Guard.

The primary feature of the Berger Mr. Expert Damp Guard is that it provides water resistance, meaning it can give defense against all possible problems caused by water leakage in the walls. It is also very effective for solving problems caused by algae, fungus and salt. It is also a great tool to fix hairline cracks in the walls.

Due to its easy and hassle-free usage, anyone can purchase it and use it on the walls of the house themselves. Another great aspect of Mr. Expert Damp Guard is that it can be used directly without applying any primer or topcoat. And with its 3-year warranty, Berger will offer free paint replacement for any damp-related problems to its customers for up to 3 years from the time of application.

Hence, you may as well forget the tension of the wet and damp walls this monsoon, and enjoy the beauty of rain. Berger Mr. Expert Damp Guard, with its excellent waterproofing properties, alkali and fluorescence resistance and ultra violet (UV) protection, will keep your walls bright and attractive for a substantial period of time. Moreover, this product is available in thousands of shades at all the outlets of Berger, so there is no need to compromise on the question of the desired color while ensuring the health of your house and dear ones!