Chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm are bridging the gap between mid-range and flagship devices by offering impressive smartphone performances with inexpensive chipsets. Earlier, such a performance could be expected within flagship devices only.

For instance, youth-centric brand realme is recently planning to launch the realme 9 series phone, equipped with Snapdragon 680 6nm chip.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 680 4G Mobile Platform has been designed with a focus on providing efficient, long-lasting, and seamless interactions, as well as extended multimedia viewing and offers optimized gaming, brilliant photography, smooth streaming, and rich audio.

Possessing Qualcomm Spectra 346 Triple ISP, this processor can capture three photos or videos simultaneously, while Game Jank Reducer and Q-Sync ensure a vivid gaming experience.

Making it all more immersive, Snapdragon 680 is also powered by Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Audio. Moreover, the processor has been powered by the Qualcomm Adreno 610 GPU and Qualcomm Kryo 265 CPUb, which shall deliver superior performance while also conserving power.

With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, devices backed by Snapdragon 680 shall charge up faster and last longer. This chipset also assures uninterrupted connectivity, thanks to Snapdragon X11 LTE Modem, which offers 4G LTE coverage for real-time multimedia anywhere and everywhere!

The processor alone has enabled the 9 series phone to do a lot more with maximum efficiency, all at a mid-level budget.

However, this was not the case even a few years back when such features would come in exchange for quite a significant sum of money. Getting a suitable device within budget used to be an arduous task, and even upon finding the right one, it would start lagging within a few months of use.

The change that we have come to has evolved from the ongoing technological advancement that has allowed chipset manufacturers to include a more efficient GPU for mobile gaming, better noise suppression in video calling, and many more efficacy-promoting features at a rather inexpensive price.

Hence, it is quite evident that a powerful mid-range device requires a powerful chipset. Thanks to the technological revolution going on around the globe, innovation has brought us to witness the evolution of processors, especially for the mid-range segment of smartphones. Brands like realme have exemplified this evolution while manufacturers like Qualcomm Snapdragon realised it.

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