A hashtag challenge titled '#JalebiBaby' was launched to portray the traditional association of popular sweetmeat Jalebi. Since its launching on 17 November, it has become an instant hit among Gen Z users of Likee and created waves on social media.

Within one week, there are already 1,110 videos uploaded by 887 participants and till now, this activity has already seen a fan following of almost 4,000 and a viewership near to 16 million. The hype is so vibrant that the number of fans and viewership of this activity is growing with every passing day.

These young Likee users are also using this short-video creation app to show their love for their culture. A hashtag challenge #GRWM (https://likee.video/hashtag/GRWM) was kicked off to encourage users to dress up in their traditional attires. The challenge ended up with 7,200 fans and 26.6 million hashtag views.

Besides, videos uploaded in this challenge were viewed 3.4M times. Another hashtag challenge, #BoishakhiShaj (https://likee.video/hashtag/BoishakhiShaj) was initiated to inspire young people to celebrate Bengali new year in a traditional outlook. The challenge had a fan following of around 6,700, and there were 17.1M views.

#LikeeEidFlip (https://likee.video/hashtag/LikeeEidFlip) is like a platform with a fan following of 7,700 fans and 17.2M viewership that has inspired many to portray the traditional aspect of Eid celebration using flip transition.

Gibson Yuen, head of Likee operations, said, “Likee has been trying to instill a sense of value for the culture and tradition among the users through introducing different interesting hashtag challenges. We have seen that the users have found it easier to relate and create meaningful contents. That’s why we are experiencing a surge in the number of users who belong to the Gen Z.”