Robi’s r-ventures 3.0 proceeds to 2nd round with 120 teams

Robi’s flagship digital entrepreneurship programme r-ventures 3.0

The first round of Robi’s flagship digital entrepreneurship programme, r-ventures 3.0, has come to an end with the shortlisting of the top 120 ideas.

The second round will be held on 24-26 January at Robi Corporate Office, said a press release.

Based on the strength of the concept, business model, the company structure, use of technology, financial analysis and the implementation plan, 120 ideas were shortlisted from more than 1,200 submitted ideas.

In the second round, the shortlisted teams will showcase their ideas in front of a diverse panel of experts comprised of Robi senior management and notable members of the country’s startup community.

The teams selected in this round will then undergo extensive training where they will be provided with necessary guidance to further strengthen their business plans.