Will Mahi be part of ‘Agnee 3’?

Mahiya Mahi
Mahiya Mahi

Dhallywood sweetheart Mahiya Mahi has bagged enormous popularity along with a number of awards for her remarkable work in the industry.
She has been the female lead in the previous two sequels of the film ‘Agnee’. After ‘Agnee’ and ‘Agnee 2’ being big hits, the movie's production house Jazz Multimedia recently announced the third sequel ‘Agnee 3’.
Will Mahi appear in the third sequel too? Prothom Alo contacted Mahiya Mahi with the question.
The actress talked about the film as well as many other things about her career and life.
The excerpt of the interview:
Prothom Alo: We heard you will be seen in ‘Agnee 3’. Is that true?
Mahiya Mahi: Nothing like that has happened. Jazz Multimedia hasn't made any offer to me. I also heard about a third sequel. No doubt they made the announcement after finalising everything. Let’s not talk about it.
Prothom Alo: They said the screenplay was under process. They did not say anything about the artistes. What if they offer you the part again?
Mahi: Jazz Multimedia introduced me to this industry. If everything is fine, I cannot refuse their proposals. It can be finalised by discussions. But first of all they have to approach me.
Prothom Alo: But you worked in the first two sequels.
Mahi: That doesn't necessarily mean I have to work in the third part too. Anyone can work in that. It’s true that ‘Agnee’ was close to my heart exactly like 'Poramon'. As the 'Poramon' sequel has been done without me, anyone else can work in 'Agnee' as well. No matter who the female lead is, I will be very happy if the film is a hit.
Prothom Alo: Did you start shooting in the new year?
Mahi: Not yet. I've decided this year, if I sign any new film, I will shoot for it at least for a few hours and then will get back to the old shooting.
Since I did not shoot yet since I signed no film in the new year.
Hope to let you know very soon about my new ventures.
Prothom Alo: How many of your films will be released this year?
Mahi: Not sure yet. I just finished shooting ‘Abotar’. Another one ‘Andhokar Jagot’ has been sent to the censor board for clearance. ‘Ananda Osru’ is in the queue.
Prothom Alo: Are you satisfied with your acting?
Mahi: Not really. Every time I watch my acting I feel sad. I ask myself, why do I act so bad?
I am trying to overcome my affected way of talking. That's the way I talk normally, but it affects my acting.
Prothom Alo: What is your dream role?
Mahi: Priyanka Chopra's role in ‘Barfi’ directed by Anurag Basu. The role is something out of the world.
Prothom Alo: Which food do you find scariest to cook?
Mahi: Biriyani. I cooked biriyani once and it turned out like khichuri!
Prothom Alo: What’s your cheat-day food?
Mahi: Beef kala bhuna
Prothom Alo: Who would you like as your hero for ‘Barfi’?
Mahi: Symon Sadik or Arifin Shuvoo.
*This piece originally published in Prothom Alo print edition has been rewritten in English by Farjana Liakat