Rafiath Rashid Mithila is an actress popular both in Bangladesh and in West Bengal. Right now, she is extremely busy in promoting her web series ‘Mont2 Pilot’, the sequel of ‘Montu Pilot’. This web series was recently released on OTT platform Hoichoi. She visited Dhaka just a few days ago. Currently, she is in Kolkata and will be there on Eid also.

Mithila couldn’t manage to do any shopping exclusively for Eid. She didn’t get to buy much gifts for anyone either. However, she said that her Eid gifts for her husband Srijit and daughter Ayra from Dhaka have already reached Kolkata.

Jamdani sarees are Mithila’s absolute favourite. She loves wearing jamdani on Eid. And, she also loves to get jamdani sarees as gifts.

Mithila said, she cooks herself on Eid day. For Srijit she makes his favourite meat dishes and for Ayra she cooks ‘chingri malaikari’, a traditional prawn preparation. Other than that, she makes ‘gajarer halwa’ with carrots among dessert.

When asked about her own favourite food items she said, “I just love to eat my mother’s polau and meat dishes on Eid day. I go to my mother’s house on Eid day, if I’m in Dhaka. But, this time I won’t be able to do that because I’ll be in Kolkata.”

Mithila further added, “Eid in Kolkata is not that much fun as in Dhaka. There are some Muslim inhabited areas in Kolkata. Earlier, we have been there on Eid but, it is nothing compared to the Eid-like feel we get in Dhaka.”

During the conversation she said that she will be traveling to Maharastra along with her family on the day of the Eid.

“As we won’t be able to celebrate Eid in Dhaka, we thought of going on a trip somewhere. On this Eid vacation we are going on a safari to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve forest,” she said again.

Mithila added, “Before this, Ayra had seen a lion during jungle safari in Africa. It has been her dream for quite a while to see a tiger. And Ayra’s birthday is also right before the Eid. So we planned the vacation for Eid and for Ayra’s birthday.”

* This conversation appeared in the lifestyle web portal 'Haal Fashion' and has been rewritten in English by Nourin Ahmed Monisha