Now it is your new life. Do you feel any difference?

I have got married. Naturally I feel a bit different. Everything is being planned anew, and arrangements are being made. But I won't say I have to adjust with everything or am being adjusted. After marriage, it seemed that everything was ready. Everyone accepted the matter positively. I may be new as a new bride. But from the point of our seriousness and understanding, it seems everything was arranged and everyone knew the matter

You were introduced through your work. But when did you think that you will get married and start a family?

We were introduced quite a long ago. Robin has been working as a high official at a company. I am a person in the entertainment arena. In addition, many of us together visited many places across the country for branding their products. In this way, I got introduced to him. At one stage of working together, there was a scope for understanding. Later, we made the decision a year ago that we can stay together. But we were supposed to get married a bit later.


It is next December. We wanted to see and understand each other. So we were supposed to get married in preparation. But we could not do that due to the pressure from the family.

Saying that both of the families are happy over the marriage, Purnima said, "The marriage takes place with the consent of all of the two families, everyone is happy. In-laws family has accepted me along with my daughter, they are cuddling. My mother has also accepted everything nicely."

Which thing of your husband attracted you?

His behaviour, sincerity and dutifulness have attracted me. The big thing is that his feelings towards my daughter have attracted me. When a woman gets married again, she thinks about the behaviour of husband with her daughter. I thought that too. I have noticed he loves my daughter more than me, which stirred me most. Moreover, my father and mother-in-law love children.

When did you feel you need to complete the marriage?

We decided one year ago. After disclosure of our liking, the marriage took place. Both of our families came to know about our relationship during the last Ramadan. We informed two sisters of two families. Later they informed our guardians. During Ramadan, both of our families visited each other. Both of our families suggested, "Don't make any delay, just get married. The marriage took place with a preparation of 15-20 days."

Why do you disclose the news of marriage two months later?

My mother was at the hospital. Moreover, almost all of both the families were suffering from viral fever. In altogether, there was no scope to disclose the matter. Besides, many relatives of both of our families were not informed. So we had a plan to disclose the matter in December next.

When did the exchange of love take place?

I can't remember the specific time of exchanging our love. Can we recollect these things? We meet during our work, then introduction and afterwards an exchange of views. We develop feelings from there. End. I won't say anything.

You work in the entertainment arena. Your husband works in a private firm in Dhaka. You are from two arenas. Do you think both of you have to adjust to a great extent in the days to come?

I have seen his work. I know about him. So we got married with full understanding. I will be outdoor shooting while he will stay at the office from morning to evening. We know these things about each other. So there is nothing to make adjustments here.

Your husband is younger than you, and various people are talking about various things over the matter in social media. How do you view that?

I was prepared to face this situation. I knew that after marriage the issue of my husband's age will come up. Those who do this, they cannot stay good unless they write these things. Moreover, they would quarrel with their family members if they cannot hurl abuses at me. I am happy if they feel better by hurling abuses at me. I have no problem if they post my picture and hurl a few abuses at me. Let them stay in peace, happiness and sound health. There are good wishes for them from both of us. I don't want to say anything about this.

When are you going for your honeymoon?

We will go, but not now. My mother has not recovered fully. She is at home. In this situation, we are not going anywhere now. When everything will be normal, we have a plan to make trips to nearby countries. That may be Thailand.