Pori Moni-Razz first wedding anniversary: "Our marriage is going wonderful"

Film actors Shariful Razz and Pori MoniCollected

Suddenly all hell broke loose in the Pori Moni-Shariful Razz household at the onset of the year. After the tug of war continued for a week, they said they are back together again.

About two weeks have passed since then. The two of them haven’t been seen together anywhere. Many were speculating if the spark between them has actually been rekindled.

Amidst such rumours, they appeared together in public on Saturday afternoon. Along with their son Rajya, Pori Moni and Shariful Razz attended an event.

Pori Moni and Shariful Razz talked to Prothom Alo, prior to the main segment of the event.

How was their marriage holding up? Razz tackled the hardball with that signature smile of his.

Film actors Shariful Razz and Pori Moni with their son Rajya.

He didn’t take much time to come up with an answer either, “It’s going great, fantastic; our marriage is going wonderful. You can say that our home is filled with bliss and happiness.”

Razz said, “There’ll always be issues in a marriage. It happens in all households. I believe, a little bit of fighting in conjugal life actually deepens the love. Ours has deepened too (laughs)…”

Pori Moni was listening to Razz, sitting right beside him with a smile on her face. Rajya was deep in slumber on someone else’s lap then.

Pori Moni was saying, “There have been some changes in Rajya’s behaviour for quite a few days. Instead of sleeping at night, he shuts his eyes at daybreak. I have to stay wide awake the whole night.

Film actress Pori Moni with her son Rajya

“I didn’t get any sleep on Friday night; I spent time with my son. Razz slept comfortably throughout the night. Razz is so selfish; he slept the entire night without me (laughs)…”

A few minutes later she continued, “I’m feeling so sleepy now. I wish I could take a nap right now. As soon as I get home, I’m going to sleep.”

Monday, 22 January is the first wedding anniversary of Razz and Pori. How do they plan to start the day? Pori said, “I don’t know yet.”

Razz however said, “Of course there’s a thought on who’s going to surprise whom in what way. I don’t want to spill the beans.”

However, Pori does have a special gift for Razz on their anniversary. The film ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’ has been released.

Film actors Shariful Razz and Pori Moni

Pori Moni said, “I haven’t seen it yet. Today is a special day for me and Razz. I’ll show the film to Razz in the evening, after buying the tickets myself. It’s a marriage anniversary gift for Razz.’

On the other hand, Shariful Razz is hot in discussion after back to back release his films ‘Poran’, ‘Haowa’ and ‘Damal’. Quite some time has passed since these movies got released.

Although his fan-followers expect him to work in newer films, there’s no news of Razz signing any upcoming movies yet.

When asked about this, the Dhalywood hero said, “Give me a good story and good role, I’ll sign up a new film right now."

"To be honest, I have heard a lot of film stories, read screenplays too, but didn’t feel like working on those screenplays. I’ve heard good things come to those who wait. Let’s wait a bit longer.”

Film actors Shariful Razz and Pori Moni

Pori met Razz for the first time while working on the film ‘Gunin’. Just on the seventh day of that first meeting they got married secretly.

In an interview with Prothom Alo Pori Moni said that they got married on 17 October 2021. They took this decision on the seventh day of falling in love. Later, they had a grand formal reception on 22 January night.

Pori Moni said, “We had informed both our families first. Later we got married in the casual setting of Razz’s home in Aftabnagar.’

She added, “When I got to know him, I found out we both are crazy. The two of us thought that we should spend our lives together. So, we decided to get married without giving any thought to anything.”

The news of Pori Moni going be a mother broke on 10 January last year.