Mim’s ‘Manush’ releasing today

Bidya Sinha Mim

Tollywood film ‘Manush’ is releasing in Bangladeshi theatres today, Friday. Bangladeshi filmmaker Sanjay Samaddar has made the film where Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Mim plays one of the central characters.  

Movie goes are eager about this film. ‘Manush’ released in more than 200 cinema halls in India last month. It released in 118 theatres in Bangla language and in 130 theatres in Hindi language.

Actor Jeet and Bidya Sinha Mim on the poster of the film 'Manush'.
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Bidya Sinha Mim’s last film, ‘Antarjal’ had released in Bangladesh on last 22 September. Less than within three months of that another of Mim’s film is releasing in theatres today.

Mim herself is super excited about it. “The character I am playing in the film is named ‘Mandira’. She is a police officer,” she said while speaking to Prothom Alo.

Shariful Razz and Bidya Sinha Mim in a scene on the film 'Poran'.

“Just like the character ‘Ananya’ from ‘Poran’ and ‘Hosna’ from ‘Damal’ were versatile, the character ‘Mondira’ here also has a variety to itself,” Mim added.

The actress said this is the first time she played a guest character in a film that released both in India and in Bangladesh. In her words, “Stars do cameo in film industries all over the world including Bollywood.”

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“Plus, the plot of ‘Manush’ also attracted me a lot. And, the character I’m playing is excellent,” she continued. Apart from Mim, the cast of ‘Manush’ includes actors like Jeet, Jeetu Kamal, Susmita Chatterjee, Saurav Chakrabarti and others.

Currently Mim is busy with the final stage production of the film ‘Digante Phuler Agun’ that is being made based on the life of Panna Kaiser. Plus, she is doing the promotion of quite a few products.