Gor (The Grave) to be streamed on Amazon Prime

Gazi Rakayet and a child artiste in a scene from 'Gor' (The Grave)Collected

Global streaming platform Amazon Prime Video will stream Bangladesh’s National award winning movie Gor (The Grave), said the movie’s director, writer, actor and co-producer Gazi Rakayet.

Gor earlier swept the National Film Award 2020 as it won in 11 different categories including best film. Now it will be the second Bangladeshi movie to be streamed on Amazon Prime.

The first Bangladeshi movie on Amazon Prime was Rashad Noor’s Bengali Beauty. It was released on the platform on 4 September, 2020.

Gazi Rakayet's 'Gor' bagged awards in 11 categories of the National Film Awards

“Gor was earlier released in local cinema halls. Then we roped in the US-based 2B as distributors. They purchased the rights of the movie. Then three more organisations bought the movie rights. Now, the movie has been picked up by a global online platform like Prime Video. This really is good news,” said Gazi Rakayet.

Gazi Rakayet sees this as a great stride for Bangladeshi cinema, “We are starting a new trend. This is not a commercial cinema. This film was made using our artistic potential. I want our film industry to be more artistic and produce movies that represent our country. It is challenging for the creators. Art cinema also has its own fan base. We have to reach this audience. That's, OTT is an important platform.”

Sushma Sarkar and a co-artiste in 'Gor'

Gor was released in cinema halls in December 2020. Later, it was released in the USA titled ‘The Grave’. It is Bangladesh’s first ever full length English feature film. Last year, it also made it to the reminder list of productions eligible for the 94th Academy Awards. But it got eliminated after the first round voting of the Oscars committee.

'Gor' was released in 2020

Gazi Rakayet co-produced the movie with Faridur Reza Sagar. The film was made on government-grant and Impress Telefilm was its distributor in Bangladesh. Other than Rakayet, Ashiul Islam, Gazi Amatun Nur, A K Azad Shetu, Dipanwita Martin, Mousumi Hamid, Sushoma Sarkar, Shamim Tushti, Mamunur Rashid, Dilara Zaman, S M Mohsin and Kazi Anisul Haque Borun acted in the film.