Razz speaks about Pori Moni-Mim issue

Porimoni, Razz and Mim (from left to right)

Two days ago, film actress Pori Moni posted updated a status from her Facebook account tagging her husband Shariful Razz and actress-model Bidya Sinha Mim.

Pori Moni made separate comments about Razz and Mim.

Following such a post from her, Mim too cleared her stance on this issue through a post from her Facebook page.

Without mentioning any names in the post, she wrote that being jealous of her success a party is trying to besmirch her name in order to stop her.

Shariful Razz and Porimoni

Following the thread Pori Moni again updated a status mentioning Mim. Shariful Razz remained silent on this issue up until now.

Razz talked to Prothom Alo about this on Saturday morning.

He said, “Since it was Pori who brought these matters to the fore, it’s better for her to clear this up.”

“All I want to say is that I have loved Pori; still love and will continue loving her. We did get married, falling in love. She is the mother of my child. I always respect and admire her.”

"It’s Pori who can say it better why did she bring up such issues. All I can say is that there has been no third party in between the two of us. I want to strongly say that I have tried to be honest in every sector including my family, friends and work; and I’ll always try to do the same,’ he added.

Shariful Razz and Porimoni

Shariful Razz also said, “I never brought my family issues, personal life before all. Neither do I wish to talk about these.”

“Everyone got to know me through work; let them know me through work, indeed. My fans connected with me through work and let’s keep it that way.”

Shariful Razz and Pori Moni fell in love while shooting the film ‘Gunin’.

Later on 17 October 2021 they tied the knot.

They decided to get married only after seven days of being in a relationship, said Pori Moni in an interview. On 10 August this year, they became the parents of a baby boy.

Shariful Razz and Pori Moni

Because of Pori Moni’s sudden post hinting at a romance growing up between Shariful Razz and Mim, many are speculating that Pari Moni and Razz are breaking up.

Blowing away such thoughts Razz said, “The sort of talks going around, nothing such thing occurred from my side that our marriage will fall apart just like that. We got married being in love. We have a child too.”

“So, I’ll say if Pori unknowingly misunderstood, she will turn everything normal and cope up thinking it through.”

Everyone witnessed Mim and Shariful Razz’s love story on the silver screen. In fact audience loved their chemistry in the films ‘Poran’ and ‘Damal’.

Just when the success story of this duo was going on in cinemas, there rose a rumour of them being in a relationship.