Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas caught on camera together sparking reunion rumours

Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas

Rumors of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas getting back together have been making waves lately. The excitement reached new heights when a video clip emerged, capturing the pair together in the USA.

In the clip, a cheerful Shakib is behind the wheel, accompanied by Apu by his side, while their son Abram Khan Joy occupies the backseat. Fans are abuzz with anticipation and speculation, eagerly awaiting to see if this signals a rekindling of their relationship.

Apu Biswas and Shakib Khan

According to different sources, Apu has gone to the USA at this moment specifically to sort out the issue of rebuilding the relationship. Because, discussing the issue in Bangladesh couldn’t be possible in any way.

Earlier, Apu had briefly visited the USA alone, but this time she took their son along since Shakib Khan is also there. With a shared responsibility for their child, this trip has provided an opportunity for them to spend time together and potentially have conversations about their relationship.

Despite trying to contact both Shakib and Apu to know if they were reuniting again, they couldn’t be reached.

Apu Biswas has been talking positively about Shakib Khan for the past few months. In an interview with an Indian media outlet, she also said that her bond with Shakib Khan’s family has grown even stronger. Later, in an interview given to Prothom Alo she said that she has been talking to Shakib Khan more often recently. Apart from personal life, he advises her on the work front also.

Recently Apu had also said, “Everything she has achieved in life, after her parents all the credits for that goes to Shakib Khan.” Apu even mentioned that Shakib Khan has financially contributed in the shooting of her film ‘Lal Shari’, which released on this Eid.

When Apu Biswas was asked to comment on the matter, she said, “I won’t say anything for now, everything will be revealed in time. I don’t know what he has done in the past, but now I’m noticing a lot of changes in Shakib. He has an amazing emotional attachment with his children, family members and close ones. Shakib is a good-hearted person.”