The producer also claimed that the victim had even filed a written complaint against Shakib Khan with the Australian police department. Rahmat Ullah claimed himself to be a witness in that complaint.

The producer wrote in his complaint submitted to the artists’ association president, “He (Shakib Khan) cunningly raped one of our female co-producer. The victim herself is of Bangladeshi origin as well. She filed a written complaint with Australian police in this regard."

"I was the witness in that criminal complaint. She and her family had to go through indescribable disrespect and disgrace socially. At one point of seeking justice for the rape, it became impossible for herself and her family to survive," he continued.

In the meantime, Shakib Khan cunningly fled Australia and returned to Bangladesh, claimed that producer. Rahmat Ullah further claimed that police had even arrested Shakib Khan on rape charges, when he visited Australia again in 2018.

In his words, Shakib Khan was saved that time as the victim refrained from speaking up due to social pressure and fearing more harassment.

Rahmat Ullah wrote in the complaint, “A rape trial in the judicial court might not be possible due to the limitation of legal jurisdiction in the courts of two different countries. We are left helpless after losing everything including money, dreams and respect. Hopefully, you’ll take exemplary steps over this.”

Rahmat Ullah said apart from the rape incident, Shakib Khan’s unprofessionalism had also increased the cost of the movie. Director Ashiqur Rahman directed the film ‘Operation Agnipath’, where Siba Ali Khan was paired against Shakib.  

Shakib Khan was called several times on the phone to know his reaction to this complaint. He didn’t answer the calls. He didn’t respond to the text messages sent on WhatsApp either.

When contacted, the association's general secretary Nipun Akhter, told Prothom Alo, “Anybody can bring allegations. We’ll first see what the issue is. Since Shakib Khan is a member of our association, we’ll hear from him first. Then we’ll talk to the accuser.”

“We’ll make a decision on what to do only after being clear about the matter by probing the allegations. But, all of that would be done after our president Ilias Kanchan returns. He’s abroad now,” she added.

Directors’ association president, producer and actor Kazi Hayat believes the allegation has been brought to slander and create a gossip centering Shakib Khan. The accusers just want to be in the limelight.

Kazi Hayat said, “It’s not appropriate at all, not polite at all to speak and allege such things in one's absence. Everyone has a personal life, so do stars. Stars are always followed by people and media. And, if those people and media secretly witness something from the star’s private life, should that be made public? I think it’s inappropriate.”