Actress Nusraat Faria hospitalised late at night

Actress Nusraat Faria admitted in a hospital
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Film actress Nustraat Faria has been hospitalised. Faria was admitted to a private hospital in capital’s Banani area late on Thursday night, said her mother Ferdousi Parvin.

While speaking to Prothom Alo today, Friday morning, she (Ferdousi Parvin) said, “Faria has a severe headache. She needs to go through a CT scan. Then we’ll get to know what the problem is.”

Reportedly, Nusraat Faria had been feeling unwell for the last couple of days. It took an intense turn yesterday. At one point she fainted inside the house. Then her mother and other members of the family rushed her to the hospital.

Nusraat Faria in a scene of 'Patalghor'.
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Faria’s mother Ferdousi Parvin said that the physicians have told them that they want to keep Faria under observation for a few more days. Apart from the CT scan, she needs to undergo several other tests as well.

Ferdousi Parvin also said, "Faria has been suffering from headache for several months now. The headache has become worse these days. She’s suffering a lot. Last night it became unbearable."

"She couldn’t even sleep because of the headache. She used to take some over the counter drugs for the headache before. Even those aren’t working anymore."

Nusraat Faria
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"Physically she’s feeling extremely feeble. Faria is very irregular in following her diet. Her physical weakness has increased because of this irregularity. She’s having gastric problems as well. Let’s see what the physician says,” she continued.

Actress Nusraat Faria was once a busy anchor. Before that she appeared as a model in music videos. She came to limelight from acting in the film ‘Ashiki’ back in 2015.

She grabbed everyone’s attention from appearing in different films one after another. In that continuity alongside Dhallywood films, Faria acted in West Bengal films as well. When Faria had become a busy actress in films she tried her hands at singing. Her singing also created a buzz.

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